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Good Friends Share Good Love

I was going to revisit a couple posts, on passion and love slaves, and talk about friends, but it was too long, so I’ll save the revisit for next week. Lets consider friends. Here are a couple of pictures from … Continue reading

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The Key and the Secret to Good Love

Above is a link to an old video clip I converted and uploaded to youtube for Valentine’s Day, of our seventh anniversary, a surprise I arranged for my wife Dee in 1983.  In a future post I’ll talk about the … Continue reading

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Good Love Means Good Tears

Allow me to return to sharing some Spanish culture.  Gustavo Adolfo Becquer was a Romantic poet from the 19th century.  My first exposure to him in Spain was reading Rima 38: Sighs are air and go to the air! Tears … Continue reading

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Good Love Means Good Passion

The word “passion” can mean different things to different people and at different times. The first time I remember pondering “passion” was while working in Puerto Rico. The man that ran the cafeteria at the center I was working at … Continue reading

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