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I Will Choose to Be Enthusiastic

As my time here on the project for the new Air Traffic Control Tower draws to a close, and I reflect on what my successes were, and where I had room to improve, I have also reflected on what I … Continue reading

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Sorry – I’m Late For the First Time

I’m working this week on the cutover (transfer) to a new Air Traffic Control Tower, and here it’s still barely Friday.  So I’m posting this notice that I will try to get a real post up early next week.

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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

We all know of the game, taking a daisy, and plucking the petals one by one, saying “he loves me” then “he loves me not” with the alternating petals.  Whichever you are saying with the last petal signifies whether or … Continue reading

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More on Love and Forgiveness

This past week I was reading a great book, one of those books that people’s reviews on Amazon say, “this book changed my life.”  It is The Traveler’s Gift. When I got to the part where Abraham Lincoln is telling … Continue reading

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