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An Interesting Medieval Misinterpretation of the Bible

It is impossible for a modern person to know or imagine how a medieval person thought about any particular subject, to think like they did.  Even a scholar who has studied medieval literature and art all their life cannot truly … Continue reading

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More on Change – The Myth of The Other

Three weeks ago in Action, Application, Change I proposed that while action and application are important, what really matters is being willing to make changes and then deciding to make the needed changes.  Sometimes real change is needed to make … Continue reading

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Denial is Not a River in Egypt

This past Thanksgiving was “Black Thanksgiving” for me.  I had already written my Thanksgiving article for this year and so did not mention it.   I’ll share more details about it next Thanksgiving.  I mentioned in an earlier blog that “There … Continue reading

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Communicating With My Wife Requires an Air Traffic Control Radar, Part 2 (and the cat, chicken, egg, and pig)

Week before last, I explained how communicating with my wife was similar to some characteristics of air traffic control radar.  A well-known (to me) PhD psychologist had some additional thoughts on the subject.  This psychologist summed up the issue as … Continue reading

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