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The video clip above from The Dead Poet’s Society gives a good interpretation of the Latin phrase carpe diem – seize the day.  The professor, played by Robin Williams, has a student read the first stanza from the 17th century … Continue reading

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Last week I said that procrastination is one of my worst enemies.  And I love the story how in my first week in Spain a Spanish coworker asked me if I knew what the word mañana meant.  I said yes, … Continue reading

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More About Great Bosses

Last year I wrote about What Separates a Great Boss From a Not-So-Good One, and for some reason that has been the most viewed article this fall.  In that article I shared that a great boss supports his employees and … Continue reading

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Submission is a Two-Way Street

Uh Oh, there’s that word submission.  I remember that in one of the first conversations I had with someone about the concept of submission in a marriage, I was informed that the word “submission” had no place in a partnership … Continue reading

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