My Best Decade, part 2

bestLast week, in This Decade is Going to be the Best, I shared four steps I am taking to make my next decade the best decade in my life. This week I want to share some more of the details and expand on those steps.

The first step is to plan and set goals. But more than set goals, to put them in writing with some time frames for accomplishment. Some are related to the subject of this blog – Good, Better, Best Love. For example, in the last year and a half we have made some significant improvements in our marriage. But there are more areas to address and the one we have picked to work on next are our finances. They say that finances are the number one or number two reason for conflicts and divorce. However, financial disagreements are only symptoms of the problems that really have to be addressed – poor communication, equity, and the need to control. And the problems exist in both parties. I also want to share more with both my children (all grown) and my parents (both elderly).

Some of my goals are directly related to the use of technology, and I plan to post articles on this over the summer, as I find what works best for me. I am looking at using an Apple computer for a change, and other tools related to digitizing, scanning, thousands of 35mm slides from living ten years in Spain and then digitizing a lot of my physical library. Please stay tuned.

My thoughts on the second step, to battle procrastination, are fresh from recent household successes. I have learned that procrastination and escape or withdrawal always looks easier at the time, but gives more pain in the end. The good news is that when I conquer procrastination, often with hard deadlines beyond my control, the relief and sense of accomplishment is very uplifting and encouraging – puts wind in my sails. A decade, ten years, sounds like a lot of time. But in reference to just how much I want to accomplish in that time, it seems short.

For the third step, this week I have indeed been looking more at what I don’t need to do as much as what I do want to do. Do I need to scan all the slides, and with what settings, and how many books and copies from research do I really need to digitize? The time and effort expended has to be worth the value of the availability and search capabilities I will gain. I have a good idea of a lot of what I need to do, but I have to stay focused and not let the escapes or rabbit trails of procrastination sidetrack me too much.

Lastly, the fourth step is to take action and apply myself to moving forward on the goals. I’m undertaking the preparations to test some of the tools I want to use and verify that they will indeed perform as desired. Then, I will add to my written goals more specifics on what I actually intend to do with the scanning and digitization, and milestones with dates. It’s going to be a good decade for me, how about you? Many people don’t have goals, and few that do have written them down – why not be one of the few?

About Mark Gredler

I want to move from Good Love to Better Love, share it, and share the Best Love of God. I like ancient and medieval history, especially of Spain. I like photographing Spanish fiestas, and visiting Romanesque churches, from the 11th to 13th centuries. I enjoy traveling, seeing new places, meeting new friends, taking photographs of that, and want to write more about it all.
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